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  1. A Lithuanian SME is looking for a natural plant extracting technology Based in Lithuania, the SME is expanding its business adding a new specialization to their profile - production of dry plant and fruit extracts using supercritical carbon dioxide method. The company is looking for a technology and/or equipment company, for a collaboration opportunity under the commercial with technical assistance, joint venture agreement or service agreement.  
  2. Demonstrative bio-refinery to scale-up the production of bio-products and bio-fuels from biomass. A Spanish public research centre has developed a demonstrative bio-refinery for scaling-up the biological production of bio-products and bio-fuels from biomass, mainly lignocellulosic or wet fermentable biomass. The centre offers to companies and R&D centres technical cooperation agreements, services agreements or joint R&D&I agreements related to this technology, according to the technical capacities and objectives of the potential partners.
  3. [Eurostars2] Looking for partners for developing high performance composites utilizing bacterial nanocellulose A government-funded Korean research institute is preparing for a project proposal under Eurostars2 in 2018. The main goal of the joint research is to create high performance composites utilizing bacterial nano cellulose materials and to further develop process for forming sheets and application studies. To this end, the institute seeks partners specialized in bacterial nano cellulose materials. A reliable and technological company, university, and a laboratory are all welcomed to join for R&D.
  4. German online-shop is looking for products for home care, mobility, rehabilitation, diabetes and anti-decubitus for distribution agreement A German SME specialised in products for home care is looking to expand its portfolio with products for home care, mobility aids, rehabilitation, diabetes, anti-decubitus and other connected products. The SME is running a B2C webshop in order to market these kind of products. The company is looking for distribution services agreement.
  5. An Italian IT specialist education and training provider is looking for partners in EU,in the Mediterranean area and in countries involved in the EU Pre-accession Assistance to establish service and subcontracting agreements The company specialized in the provision of educational services and training courses (performed also in outsourcing) is looking for partners based in: EU and/or in countries involved in cross-border cooperation in the  Mediterranean area (ENPI CBCMED) as well as countries engaged in the EU Pre-accession Assistance (IPA countries) to establish service and subcontracting agreements.
  6. German manufacturer of proprietary neckwear seeks acquisition agreement German fashion company, manufacturing original neckwear for man seeks an acquisition agreement. The company is appreciated for its innovation and skillful craftsmanship. The neckwear is well recognized for its posh look and is made to measure.
    The buyer with experience in fashion industry is expected to take over the existing business and to develop it further.
  7. UK-based cyber security company is looking for commercial partners The UK-based company provides software based service that allows enterprises to reduce fraud rates by recognising customers from use of their smart devices, such as mobile phones and tablets. The company is looking to sign commercial agency agreement with partners across the UK, Europe and beyond to trial their service.
  8. Italian winery from Abruzzo region is searching for distributors and importers of their products The company is a small winery located in Abruzzo region, Italy that exclusively processes autochthon grapes of local production, such as Montepulciano, Trebbiano, Pecorino, Passerina. The company is looking for distributors and importers in order to expand its presence on new markets.
  9. Polish manufacturer of communication and car antennas and various connectors is looking for manufacturing and services agreements Polish company producing communication and car antennas and various connectors for automotive, electronic and cable television industries, being also a provider of metal processing services is interested in manufacturing and services agreements.
  10. A Lithuanian company, manufacturing plastic products, is looking for distributors and commercial agents The Lithuanian company is active in plastic production manufacturing business for 27 years. The company specializes in the various products of food packaging, refrigeration industry, polypropylene and polystyrene tape. The company is looking for partners in European Union (EU) and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries, who will act as distributors or commercial agents.
  11. Wall ducts are offered by a Polish company A Polish company produces innovative wall ducts. The wall ducts are designed and patented by the company. They are looking for business partners which deal with the distribution of constructional elements.
  12. French company looks for distributors for its collaborative team task management IT solution A French company has developed an IT solution: a new task & meeting management platform dedicated to organisations. This collaborative team task management tool enables organisations to make effective meetings and work in project mode. The company is now looking for distributors, ideally IT solutions providers and/or commercial agents being active in organisation consulting business to commercialize their solution directly to their international clients.
  13. Innovative Serbian software solution for complex optimization problems as an internet service A Serbian spin-off R&D company developed an innovative internet service for solving complex optimization problems, without investing in hardware and with significantly lower level of required expertise in the field of optimization and high performance computing. Implementation of this innovation eliminates the need for initial investment in equipment, and reduces personnel costs by 80%. The company is interested in joint venture or a commercial agreement with technical support.
  14. EUREKA – SMART: Formulator or/and producer of plastic resins and thermoplastics for additive manufacturing (AM) is required A Spanish research center searches SMEs to participate in a EUREKA-SMART project aimed to develop highly conductive resins and materials to be processed by specific 3D printing technologies for industrial applications. Two SMEs are sought to be in charge of the modification and/or scaling up of processes, one for photo-curable resins and another one for conductive plastic. It is needed that they have checked with their National Contact Point the availability of funds to participate.
  15. Italian fashion and sportwear apparel manufacturing company is looking for manufacturing and outsourcing agreements. An Italian clothing and apparel manufacturing company produces customized products related to sportswear, classic and corporate clothing, workwear and fashion garments. They design, project, manufacture and customize each client's requests. The company is interested in creating manufacturing agreements with international clients to expand their business in the textile industry worldwide. They are also looking for outsourcing agreements.
  16. A Polish SME has developed a service to support sales representatives in the field and is looking for partners via license agreement. A Polish SME has developed a service to support sales representatives in the field based on the Sales Force Automation Software (SFA),via a smart phone. The system is designed to co-operate with the customer's business systems such as finance and accounting systems, warehouse systems, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) integrated systems. The company is looking for partners through license agreement.
  17. A Turkish company from textile sector is looking for distribution service or manufacturing agreements The Turkish company was established in 1982. The company continues its activities in textile sector. It serves in the production of all types of textile products that industry needs as staff uniform and promotional textile areas. The company is looking for distribution service or manufacturing agreements.
  18. UK based education immersion, guardianship and placement organisation seeks agents through a commercial agency agreement A UK company that delivers a full suite of education/study abroad experiences for international pupils would like to expand its network of agents through commercial agency agreements.
  19. Serbian innovative solution for electric guitars for improving dynamics for distortion effects seeks partners through financial, agency or license agreement A Serbian company has developed a device that removes the defects in the sound of the electric guitar over which the distortion is applied. The advantages with respect to the existing solutions are the intensity of the tone is controlled by a musician who is able to perform the sections with different dynamics as well as the integration of additional effects. The company is interested in license, financial, and commercial agency agreement.
  20. Serbian manufacturer of aesthetic hi-end amplifiers seeks commercial agents A Serbian company has been producing handmade hi-end amplifiers since 2005 as a step further in the reproduction of music and design. One of the reasons that the company started this product was aclient’s need for a unique amplifier, using exceptionally rare parts, for producing distinctive sound. The special production techniques give the feeling of listening to live music, with all the warmth and fine nuances of sound. The company is looking for partners through a commercial agency agreement.